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Our next Guest day is Thursday 28th January 2016, but if you can’t wait that long contact us to arrange a visit

The start time for all dates 6:45 am at the Lymm Hotel and a full breakfast is provided. A wide range of visitors are expected and YOU are welcome to attend to meet many like minded business colleagues and to find out how BNI can help grow your business. Providing your business / profession is not in competition with any of the existing members you will be given the opportunity to speak for 60 seconds about your own business.

Contact us to confirm your place.

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Why I Rejoined BNI for a Second Year

Why I Rejoined BNI for a Second Year

I was initially reluctant to join the BNI as I have never been fond of networking groups. In the past, I’ve found them to be a little uncomfortable.


I felt that many of the people I would meet were not the ‘buyer’ themselves for their own company and were simply looking to generate sales.

Back in 2016, I was invited along as a guest to the Lymm BNI Focus group by a client, I took some persuading at first but my client who was also a dear friend persuaded me that I would enjoy their meeting.


And she was right, I found it was different to any other networking events I’d visited in the past.


The room was fun and friendly and I didn’t feel like the ‘prey’ being hunted by salespeople.


I took the leap and decided to join in November 2016 and it has proved to be a great choice. There’s a real community spirit in the group and not only do I generate new business and clients from the group I have also formed some fantastic friendships. There are regular social events organised where we meet up outside of the formal BNI weekly meetup.

BNI Lymm Field trip to Liverpool

In November 2017, I didn’t have to think twice when asked if I would like to continue my membership in the group.


I always track where new business comes from and having reviewed my accounts from the financial side alone I had generated £58,000 of revenue for my first year being a member of the group.


I also now feel more confident when presenting and talking about my business and would like to think my presenting skills have improved. This is just another of the many benefits I’ve found come from being part of the Lymm Focus BNI group…


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