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Our next Guest day is Thursday 31st October 2019, but if you can’t wait that long contact us to arrange a visit

The start time for all dates is 6:45 am at the Hallmark Hotel in Grappenhall and a full breakfast is provided. A wide range of visitors are expected and YOU are welcome to attend to meet many like-minded business colleagues and to find out how BNI can help grow your business. Providing your business/profession is not in competition with any of the existing members you will be given the opportunity to speak for 60 seconds about your own business.

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Is BNI Focus the next Dave Gorman?

Searching for BNI Focus chapters worldwide

Is BNI Focus the next Dave Gorman?

Our BNI chapter based at the Hallmark Hotel Warrington (formerly of the Lymm Hotel) has carried the name BNI Focus for many years – at least 10 by all accounts.

Why do we have individual chapter names?

BNI is a worldwide organisation covering many different countries and cultures. The chapter sizes vary from ones of 6 (yes, they do exist!) to ones with over 100 members, the variation of size and membership is something to be celebrated. When chapters are first set up their name is chosen either by the regional director, or in our case by our membership team (we needed a new name when we moved from Knutsford to Lymm). There isn’t any exclusivity on the names, other than it is recommended not to share a name with another local chapter, and therefore it isn’t a surprise that sometimes the names are duplicated elsewhere.

In our decade of being BNI Focus we hadn’t come across any other chapter with the same name until recently when #bnifocus was used on a social media post and it was discovered that we shared the chapter name with one in Lisbon, Portugal.

.. and that reminded us of the comedian Dave Gorman who was surprised and intrigued to discover in 2000 that there were many people around the world sharing his name. His subsequent stage show highlighting his search launched his career.

So how could this work for us in BNI Focus Warrington and for other BNI Focus chapters around the world? Well reaching out across the network and potentially working with other members are key benefits of being part of the BNI organisation. We have members in our chapter that work internationally, and this is bound to be the case with the members of the chapters of the same name.

Having the BNI Focus name in common is a perfect icebreaker and we are in communication with the Lisbon chapter to try and set up a Skype call so we can virtually meet each other.. and we’d be delighted to hear from other BNI Focus chapters around the world .. the more the merrier!

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of Project BNI Focus and as our friends in Portugal may say
Invista em pessoas que investem em você

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