Visitor Mornings

Our next Guest day is Thursday 28th January 2016, but if you can’t wait that long contact us to arrange a visit

The start time for all dates 6:45 am at the Lymm Hotel and a full breakfast is provided. A wide range of visitors are expected and YOU are welcome to attend to meet many like minded business colleagues and to find out how BNI can help grow your business. Providing your business / profession is not in competition with any of the existing members you will be given the opportunity to speak for 60 seconds about your own business.

Contact us to confirm your place.

Be Part of the Crowd


New Home for the Million Pound Business Networkers

BNI Focus in a Hallmark Move

A group of local business people who have met at the Lymm Hotel every Thursday morning for 9 years are moving to the Hallmark Warrington Hotel; the Fir Grove Hotel on Knutsford Road from 22nd March 2018.

The move up the road from Lymm, coincides with the upcoming plans to close the Macdonald Lymm Hotel.

BNI Focus have for the last 4 years passed between members over £1 million pounds of business per year and they are looking to grow further in their new location.

Businesses represented within the group include professional and financial services, creative and marketing, IT and software, administration and business support, health and wellbeing, travel and building and electrical services.

The BNI Focus networking group is part of the worldwide networking organisation BNI which follows the same tried, tested and proven meeting structure. Business people meet weekly to build working relationships and help each other to find new business opportunities. Regional training courses, conferences and online portals are available for members to network further with and develop their professional training.

BNI Focus meet from 6.45-8.30am every Thursday morning. For further information contact us here or to arrange a visit call Helen on 0790 3727750 or email

St James’s Place Wealth Management Update

St James’s Place Wealth Management report record inflows and strong investment returns drive funds under management 20% higher to £90.7 billion.

St. James’s Place Plc have issued an update on new business inflows and funds under management for the twelve months ended 31 December 2017.  Andrew Croft, Chief Executive, commented: “It gives me great pleasure to confirm that the strong performance we experienced in the first nine months of 2017 continued into the final quarter, making 2017 a record year.  Gross inflows for the final quarter exceeded £4 billion taking full year inflows to £14.6 billion, growth of 29%.  The continued strong and improving retention of client funds provided for net inflows of over £2.8 billion in the quarter and £9.5 billion for the twelve months, growth of 40%.  This result, together with positive investment returns, increased funds under management by £15.4 billion to £90.7 billion, growth of 20%. At the heart of this sustained growth is the importance we place on maintaining long lasting relationships with, and between, our Partners and clients and serving them well. We continue to see a growing demand for advice and it is therefore also pleasing to report a 7% increase in the number of qualified advisers across our Partner businesses.  Our continuing focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, through the provision of trusted financial advice and our distinctive investment management approach, gives us confidence that we will continue to grow our business, in line with our objectives, in 2018 and beyond”

“In Business It Can Be A Lonely Place” – My Experience of BNI Focus Lymm

Suzette Pulman sits on the Osteopath seat at BNI Focus Lymm and shares her reasons why she joined BNI and her experiences from being a member.


I went to BNI Focus networking group no knowing what to expect. The group was very friendly and welcoming. the meeting was structured and it was interesting to learn about all of the other categories of business in the room.  The ethos of the group is reciprocity.

Developing an App

James Brooksbank from Antikythera Systems Limited, who sits on our Software Systems seat at BNI Focus Lymm shares his advice for everyone considering developing an app for their business.

So, you have thought about developing an app, be it for a new idea or to support your business in some way. So you need to talk to a techie person, someone to develop your app, but where do you start.

Purchasing a car is easy, you know that you need a car, it needs four wheels, a steering wheel and some sort of propulsion mechanism that gives you a really good platform to start from. If you know nothing about developing an app, you may just have the idea of an app, but that is just the beginning.

Here are 3 quick tips to get you going and to help make some things clear when you are talking to a developer to produce your app.

Why I Rejoined BNI for a Second Year

I was initially reluctant to join the BNI as I have never been fond of networking groups. In the past, I’ve found them to be a little uncomfortable.


I felt that many of the people I would meet were not the ‘buyer’ themselves for their own company and were simply looking to generate sales.

Can BNI help your business?

Tim Jordan, our Chapter’s Solicitor from FDR Law in Warrington has been a member of BNI Focus for a number of years.  We asked him how has BNI has helped build his business and how does he feel being a member of BNI has helped him personally?


“I have been a member of BNI for over 10 years, and during that time it has consistently generated over £10k worth of business annually.

Not only that, it has provided useful cost-effective training for a number of business related matters, and given me the confidence to stand up and speak to a room full of people which I didn’t have before.

And last but not least, my fellow members have become my friends who help me out when I need it, and whose company I enjoy every week besides the business we find for each other.” – Tim Jordan, FDR Law 

A Festive Song by Suzette Pulman from Lymm Osteopathic Practice

To the tune of “Jingle Bells” …

Dashing round the shops, with two more weeks to goJingle Bells, Christmas, Jingle, Holiday

Rain is in the air, there’s zero chance of snow

Fed up, tired and stressed, there’s so much more to do

Just grit your teeth and soldier on until the season’s through



If memory serves, it’s jangled nerves, jangled all the way

Oh what fun it is to plan the perfect Christmas Day

Shopping bought, presents sought, oven’s on the blink

Fairy lights a tangled sight will you swim or sink?


This time of year is hard, so make some time for you

Christmas is for all, and that includes you too

I’ll soothe those aches and pains, massage your stress away

Don’t ignore it now, or come New Year you’ll pay!


Call Lymm clinic now and cut yourself some slack

Christmas won’t be fun if you’re laid out on your back?

Don’t ignore the signs, and soon you’ll all be set

To make this festive time, the happiest Christmas yet!

What do our Members say about BNI?

We asked our chapter’s Graphic Designer, Neil Cummins of In Hand Design Ltd who is based in Warrington, how he feels BNI has helped him build his business and what he felt he gained from being a member?


“I joined Lymm Focus BNI after my second visit. I hadn’t really done any business networking before so it was all very new to me. I could see from very early on how membership of this group would benefit me and my business. As a one-man-band it’s a great way for me to meet other local business owners on a regular, weekly basis. I have now been a member for five years and intend to renew again when my membership renewal is due. As well as the business I get from being a member, I have also gained valuable experience on a personal level and this is mainly down to the great mix of businesses and people we have as members, some of which I now consider to be close friends”- Neil Cummins 

BNI – Good for Business?

Helen Stott from Marketing Doris, is a member of BNI Focus and provides a marketing consultancy services.   We asked her why she decided to join BNI Focus and how she felt BNI has helped her and her business?

“I joined BNI in January 2007 following a recommendation from a friend who had been in business for many years and had found that his network at BNI had helped him enormously.  This has been my experience too and that is why I continue to renew my membership.  On average 75% of my business comes through BNI referrals.  I have extended my network of associates and suppliers through BNI and have benefited personally from the training and support provided.   An extra bonus is that I have genuinely made friends and can honestly say that I enjoy our Thursday morning meetings” – Helen Stott, Marketing Doris

If you are serious about growing your business then BNI is the best way to start!

60 Seconds – it’s a free advert!

At every BNI meeting, everyone gets 60 seconds to make an impact!   It is strictly timed to say who you are, what you do and who is a good referral for you.

That introduction takes about 10 seconds, which leaves roughly 50 seconds for you to make an impact.  How can you maximise this remaining time for the maximum outcome?  Make it memorable, make it different from week to week…it’s your chance to educate!

Tell a story – people like stories and they provide a platform for people to relate to.  It will place your business or service in context – handy if your offer is difficult to explain.  it can plant a seed of an idea as to how people can refer you.  Try and make it witty, make it engaging, use a prop but generate some sort of emotional response which will cause people to remember it.

Make notes – don’t rely on memory. Plan it properly.  Sometimes you will think of something fantastic to say and then forget when it is your time to pitch to the room.  It reflects well on you and your business if it looks like you have made an effort too!

Listen to radio commercials – How much information can a business get on a twenty second commercial?  You have three times longer.  Study the structure of how those commercials are put together and apply similar principles to your own 60 seconds.

Name someone – Think about your business offer and make an effort to find the name of someone who you’d like an introduction to or who would benefit.  The business community is widespread and small and it’s amazing who knows who!  You only have to look at your mutual connections on LinkedIn to realise this.

Help your sales team – They want to refer you but it’s up to you to instill the information and the sales message in their heads.  Make it easy for people to refer you, keep it simple, give concrete ideas of the things to say.  If your 60 seconds is muddled, complicated and unfocused it will make it difficult for people to refer you.

Listen to other people’s 60 seconds – sounds obvious but we have lots of visitors to BNI who don’t know you and you don’t know them. Listen carefully and look for synergy and opportunity between what you have said, or are planning to say and the others in the room.